Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our First Sale!

Our first official sale on Etsy happened less than 24 hours after we opened the store! We didn't expect it to happen so fast. After running around like chickens with our unprepared heads cut off we found a box and took the package to the post office. I hope our 1st customer receives the package soon and loves their new pine needle basket! We're going to have to get crackin' making more art and putting more things in the store.

Our new items:
This gorgeous stained glass angel $50
The English Gentleman Painted Gourd $5
This cute Dog Painted Gourd $5
The Little Old Lady Gourd The perfect gift for the little old lady in your life at only $5.

The Shy Angel Stained Glass Suncatcher
If our stained glass is successful we'll have much more to offer!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks for reading!

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