Monday, May 30, 2011


Lately we have been getting a lot of questions about our shipping rates and mainly why they are so high so I wanted to create this post to explain.

We ship via priority mail. Why priority and not first class? The price difference for packages in boxes is very small. With first class mail we have to purchase our own boxes as well. Believe me that adds up! We purchased a postal scale and can do all our priority mailing from home. With the way gas prices are we love an excuse not to drive to the post office!

The price difference for mailing envelopes is much larger though. So if we are mailing something small and hardy (like a beaded necklace) we can send it first class mail in an envelope for only $1.50. This does not include a jewelry box though. You can request to have certain items mailed this way. If your request is made with your purchase we will refund you the difference in shipping. However if the item can't be mailed in an envelope because it is too delicate we will not be able to ship this way.

By default we send out all our jewelry in jewelry boxes. Making it ideal for gifting. The cost of the jewelry boxes come out of our profits as well. If you total up what you are really getting for the money it really is a bargain! We recently sold 3 necklaces and a pair of peacock eye feather earrings for only $24 including shipping. If you break that down thats only $6 per item! And trust me that is no where near how much we made.. after $9 in shipping to send it half way around the world, the materials, 4 jewelry boxes, etsy's cut, paypal's cut.. ya there wasn't much left for us!

After the cost of materials for the jewelry, the boxes, the packing material, etsy's cut, paypal's cut.. ect. our profits are very low. So why do we keep doing it? Because we love it!

All we want is our customers to receive our products and LOVE them and use them forever!

Thanks for reading! We wish you happy shopping!