Friday, September 30, 2011

Craft Faire - Annual Peddlers Faire in Mt. Mesa

This year Desert to Forest Art Gallery and A'dor Beauty Supplies will be at the Peddlers Faire in Mountain Mesa.

If you are a crafter, live in the area and would like to reserve a booth e-mail me at: Desert2ForestArt at and I will give you the name and phone number of the coordinator. This year they are doing some great advertising so it should be a big hit! In the past when they have advertised well we have made many sales.

Where: Eagles Lodge in Mountain Mesa
12251 HWY 178, Mt. Mesa, CA
When: Saturday, Nov. 5th from 8AM to 4PM (Times may be wrong)
Booth Cost: $10 per table. Indoor and table provided, no tent needed. No cut from sales taken. 

Last I heard there are still about 5 tables left. 

There is a wide variety of vendors that usually come. I have seen a lot of different booths: Quilts, Baked Goods, Antiques, Gourd Art, Pine Needle Baskets, Cosmetic Jewelry, Gem Stone Jewelry, and much more.

Booths still unreserved! If you have any questions or would like to sell at this fair please e-mail me at: Desert2ForestArt at and I will give you the name and number for the coordinator.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday, May 30, 2011


Lately we have been getting a lot of questions about our shipping rates and mainly why they are so high so I wanted to create this post to explain.

We ship via priority mail. Why priority and not first class? The price difference for packages in boxes is very small. With first class mail we have to purchase our own boxes as well. Believe me that adds up! We purchased a postal scale and can do all our priority mailing from home. With the way gas prices are we love an excuse not to drive to the post office!

The price difference for mailing envelopes is much larger though. So if we are mailing something small and hardy (like a beaded necklace) we can send it first class mail in an envelope for only $1.50. This does not include a jewelry box though. You can request to have certain items mailed this way. If your request is made with your purchase we will refund you the difference in shipping. However if the item can't be mailed in an envelope because it is too delicate we will not be able to ship this way.

By default we send out all our jewelry in jewelry boxes. Making it ideal for gifting. The cost of the jewelry boxes come out of our profits as well. If you total up what you are really getting for the money it really is a bargain! We recently sold 3 necklaces and a pair of peacock eye feather earrings for only $24 including shipping. If you break that down thats only $6 per item! And trust me that is no where near how much we made.. after $9 in shipping to send it half way around the world, the materials, 4 jewelry boxes, etsy's cut, paypal's cut.. ya there wasn't much left for us!

After the cost of materials for the jewelry, the boxes, the packing material, etsy's cut, paypal's cut.. ect. our profits are very low. So why do we keep doing it? Because we love it!

All we want is our customers to receive our products and LOVE them and use them forever!

Thanks for reading! We wish you happy shopping!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Feather Duster Earrings Buy or Make!

We have our newest design: Feather Duster Earrings up for sale for only $5 in our shop:

If you are a jewelry maker yourself and would like to learn how to make these watch our youtube video:

Happy crafting!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Coupon Code!

We now have 300 Twitter followers! To celebrate we have created a new coupon code!
Use the code: tweet300 at checkout to receive a discount on ANY order!

Our store:
Follow us on Twitter:!/Desert2Forest

Coming soon: Product reviews on many of the tools we use in our business and in creating our art.

The Sale Continues + New Matching Art Pieces

If you would like to decorate a room with a native american theme you should consider: 

The Sale in our shop continues! All gourd and pine needle baskets marked down 20%-30% off their original prices. Free shipping on most gourd art. 

How 2 Easy Stained Glass tutorial for only $3. 
Don't do stained glass and just want the barrette? 

A popular item the Pine Needle Basket Vase is marked down

You wont find pine needle baskets this inexpensive anywhere else! 

Thanks for reading! 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

What are your new years resolutions?

Ours is to post new items in the store at least every other day. Come up with ideas for tutorials, free demos, ect. We also want to plan things out really well this year so we can provide more amazing sales like on black friday.

We hope everyone had a very fun New Year celebration and that this is a prosperous year for everyone!