Friday, November 26, 2010

Learning How to Run a Small Business

So far my journey has been fun but I could use a lot of help. If anyone has any tips or tricks for selling on Etsy or how to promote an online store for free or very cheap I would be super appreciative.

I read that you can get more traffic to your sites using social networking. I've made accounts on almost all of the popular sites like Facebook and Twitter. I've got this blog (obviously) but what now? How do I bring traffic to my social network pages and this blog in order to promote my store?

I was also wondering what kind of success other people have on Etsy.

The fun stuff. Purchased a postal scale from Amazon. I was looking at one on the United States Postal site but it was $40 and only went up to 10 or 13lbs. Found one on amazon for $22 and it goes up to 75lbs.
Here it is:

It had a lot of 5 star reviews so I'm really excited to get it! Its going to make calculating shipping cost so much easier! I can also print postage on the postal site and have them come and pick up the package all from my home!

I found the scale I wanted very quickly. The slow part was finding something else to buy to get the total to $25 for the Free Super Saver shipping. I ended up choosing this gourd art book: The Complete Book of Gourd Craft: 22 Projects. I hope its good! If anyone knows any really good gourd books please leave a comment! I'm always looking for great books on gourds and pine needle baskets. There is so much you can learn from books!

Here is that book in case you want to check it out!

I love to share deals I find with others and I hope eventually I'll have some readers telling me about some good deals they came across!

I would really love to start networking hopefully soon I figure out this blogging thing! Haha

Also I ordered some free priority boxes from the postal site. Not the flat rate ones, wow those are expensive to mail! But the free boxes are nice! I don't mind paying a tiny bit more to send priority over parcel post if my customers can get their package sooner. Good customer service is so important! Small family businesses like mine thrive off of word of mouth!

Thanks for reading.  


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