Saturday, November 27, 2010

The holidays are coming the holidays are coming!

Hopefully businesses will boom during the holiday time! All businesses not just mine. =P

We're currently working on a new gourd art. It has pine cone and pine needle design burned into it and pine needle basketry on the top. Its almost done! We'll be posting it on Etsy with free shipping.

Tomorrow we plan to make a PDF tutorial. How to Make a Stained Glass Barrett. It will be for sale on Etsy for $5.The barrettes are gorgeous and unique. The barrette made in the tutorial will also be for sale.

We have an Astore now! Our store by amazon is located on the bottom of this blog or at:
The main categories at the bottom have some of our art related faves. Great deals on gourd art materials, gourd seeds, paints, business supplies, office supplies, tools and much more. So if you are looking for some awesome gifts (for yourself... and ya other people too) at low Amazon prices check it out. 

I'll be looking for someone's astore to be shopping from for holiday gifts this year. I also like to help out small businesses and people who work from home. Shopping from an astore is probably the easiest way to! Link me your astore in the comments so I can check it out! 

Shopping yesterday during Black Friday sure was... fun... The night before we compared the sale prices from the sale papers we got to the prices on Amazon. We found that amazon was the same price or cheaper and we were able to scratch most of the items and stores off our list. There was still some stuff to go to the stores for. I don't like buying clothing online and I'm getting my daughter bedding for Christmas this year so we went to JCPenny to pick that out. We were not impressed at all with the sale prices in the stores. However JCPenny did give us some free stuff! So that was nice. We received a cute little free gift as we entered the store and a bottle of water and candy canes while waiting in line at the register. We also got free scissors when we entered JoAnns. We didn't get why everyone was lined up outside but we went ahead and lined up. Good thing we did then too. The people right behind us were the last to get the scissors. When I heard someone in line talking about the free scissors I thought they would be funky but its actually good quality. Even though we had gotten to the store at 4 AM it was already very crowded! Best Buy was TOO crowded. It was like Disney Land on a Saturday before the recession started. It was too hard to look at anything so we just left. 

We agreed not to do that again next year. It was nice to see so many people out shopping though. Last year at Black Friday it was pretty dead. We did go later in the day last year though. 

Hope you guys had a fun Black Friday =)


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